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Challenge #9: Lifetime Piling Up

[x] Use at least one picture from the episode Lifetime Piling Up. There are some pictures behind the cut. You can use them or not. It's up to you.
[x] There must be at least two people (there can be more than two) in the icon that represent a relationship. Nathan/Haley, Lucas/Dan, Nathan/Brooke, etc.

The Usual
[x] Please keep all icons nice (no anti icons)
[x] Blending, text, animation, textures, brushes, etc, may be used.
[x] Only members can enter.
[x] You can submit up to two icons.
[x] Entries are due Friday, September 23 by 9pm, pst.
[x] Post your entry as a comment to this post. All comments are screened so do not post anonymously.
Entries: 3

Credit: Extravaganza

**This one's a little different so let me know if you have any questions**
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