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othships's Journal

One Tree Hill Relationship Icon Challenge
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This community is a icon challenge community for the relationships (on and off screen) of the WB's One Tree Hill.


1. Only members can participate in the challenges. This includes voting.
2. All entries must be anonymous.
  a.Entries must be made especially for this community to asure that they weren't posted anywhere previously.
  b.Don’t post entries elsewhere until voting is over.
3. Don’t tell anyone to vote for you. It violates rule 2.
4. You must make the icon you enter. Anyone caught entering an icon that is not their own, will be banned
5. Please keep all icons nice. No anti icons.
6. If the them is Peyton/Jake you must have both Peyton and Jake in the icon.
7. All icons must fit the LJ standards. No bigger than100x100 and 40kb, in GIF, JPG, or PNG format.
8. Text, gradients, textures, brushes, animation, etc. can be used unless stated otherwise. If you use something that you didn’t make (i.e. a brush), I recommend crediting in your user info or a resources page. *Note* Make sure you check the owners terms of use policy to see if they allow use of their creations in contests.
9. You may make up to two entries per challenge unless stated otherwise.
10. If you would like to use any of the icons made for the challenge, please get the makers consent first.
11. Any icons made that don’t follow the rules will be disqualified.


To enter reply to the challenge post with your image and the url.

*All comments will be screened.


Saturday: New Challenge is posted
Sunday: Winners from previous challenge are posted
Friday: Challenge ends and voting is put up




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